Flea & Worming

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Flea & worming medication for your dog or puppy can be very expensive...not at Petology! We stock a huge range of discounted dog flea & worming treatments online. Worming your dog is probably one of the most important aspects of pet ownership as as fleas, ticks and worms all drive your dog crazy. They can't stand the itching and after a while it can cause your dog much harm. Fleas itch and irritate and are also very uncomfortable for your beloved pet. The only way to protect your pooch from fleas, ticks and worms is by using the correct flea and worming treatments. We're happy to stock the best brands in flea, tick and worming treatments such as Panoramis, Revolution, Advantage, Comfortis and Drontal among many others. We have many different treatment options from tasty chewable treatments to spot-on applications to flea collars and to all in one capsules.
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