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Eye Care

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We stock a select range of dog eye care products online to help improve your best friends eyes or to remove tear marks around your dogs eyes and to cure infection. Eye care is often something that dog owners are scared to tackle on their own (with good reason). While we do suggest you go and visit your vet, there are many great dog products that can be used to solve most eye related issue your dog or pup might be having. All of our eye care products are shipped daily from Melbourne to customers all around Australia.
  • Tuffrock K9 Ce Coat & Eyes 300Ml
    TuffRock’s mission is to research & develop, manufacture and market products that enhance the well being of animals by sourcing high quality volcanic minerals and processing them using its own proprietary technologies. The company is focusing on selected areas of veterinary markets particularly in areas where strong absorbing and binding / locking capabilities are required. TuffRock now has international patent process underway to protect intellectual property, technology and product formulae.
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