Fidos Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup S5 - 25ml

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Mavlab/Fidos was formed in 1970 by Company founder Dr. John Lamberth, who developed a range of leading products for the animal health market. Over 40 years, Mavlab/Fidos has created an innovative development team and currently produces quality animal products in Brisbane, Australia.

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Product Description

Introducing the Fidos Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup S5 in a 25ml size. The Fidos Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup S5 is a convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer which controls thread, caecal, round, gape, gizzard and important tape worms in caged birds.

Key Features:

  • Broad spectrum bird wormer.
  • Controls the following: Thread worm (Capillaria sp.) Caecal worm (Heterakis sp.) Round worm (Ascaridia sp.) Gape worm (Syngamus sp.) Gizzard worm (Acuaria sp.) Tape worm (Raillietina sp.)
  • This syrup is added to the drinking water.


Type of bird; Weight of Bird; Dose (drops of undiluted syrup)

  • Finch 15g 1.5
  • Budgerigar 30g 3.0
  • Budgerigar 50g 5.0
  • Cockatiel 80g 8.0
  • Cockatoo 500g 50.0
  • Make up dose to 1 to 5 mL with water in a syringe.

Diluted in drinking water: 0.5mL (12 drops) to 20mL of water or 25mL/L. Use this as the sole source of drinking water for 24 hours and feed only seed, then replace with fresh clean water. Solution should be freshly made up before dosing. Repeat in 14 days with fresh solution, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon. This provides a dose of 40mg/kg bodyweight based on an average bodyweight of 30g and consumption of 5mL/day. In summer the dose should be reduced to account for increased water consumption, which may be double or more.

For threadworm, caecal worm, gape worm and roundworm a dose of 0.025mg/g (25mg/kg) bodyweight has been found adequate. For gizzard worm a dose of 0.05mg/g (50mg/kg) is necessary.


  • Size: 25ml

Note: Do not use in gouldian finches.

Additional Information

Animal Bird
Brand Fidos
Barcode 9322426000121

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