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We know our prices are great at Petology, however there is no need to doubt any of the products we supply. Below we have outlined import information in regards to our product quality.

100% Genuine Products

We understand that seeing great prices may raise a red flag. We’re able to offer these fantastic prices by streamlining our order processing system. We guarantee that all our pet products are 100% genuine and you will never be sent an inferior substitute product. You can shop with complete confidence at Petology by knowing that you are only buying the best products available. 

Product Expiry Dates

As we rotate our stock levels frequently, you’ll never find a product that is past its “Best Before” date. We guarantee that the product you receive from Petology will have a long expiry date and be suitable for its intended use.

Australian Certification

All our products are purchased from verified loval suppliers and are not overseas grey imported products. Please be careful of grey import animal products as some chemicals/ingredients are different in the overseas products which may harm your pet.

Product Packaging

We try to send all of our products with their original product packaging (unless they need to be removed to get the item to you). Please be aware of other sellers who sell products without their original product packaging as these products may be counterfeit or grey imported.

Wormers & Health Supplements

Flea, Tick, Worming and Health Supplements often contain different ingredients depending on which country they are destined for. Products sold in the overseas market are sometimes manufactured by different companies. For example Eukanuba sold in Australia may be made in a Switzerland plant, however Eukanuba sold in the American market may be manufactured in the USA branch.

Furthermore, products are altered slightly depending on which market they are entering. Therefore it is important you only purchase Australian verified products that have not been imported from an overseas market as these products may contain different ingredients and might be manufactured in a different plant. Occasionally overseas products contain an ingredient (or group of ingredients) that is banned for use in Australia (be careful of wormers) as it has been deemed unsafe for use on pets or harmful to our wildlife. We suggest you only purchase from quality Australian suppliers that source their products from local verified suppliers.