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All For Paws (afp) Little Buddy Comfort Warm Bear


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The All For Paws (AFP) Little Buddy Comfort Warm Bear is a therapeutic toy to soothe your puppy. Ideal for young pups and dogs with separation anxiety, the All For Paws (AFP) Little Buddy Comnfort Warm Bear helps ease your pet so they can remain calm while they’re alone.

There’s a detachable heat pack on Warm Bear’s tummy that you can take off, microwave and re-attach. Please take caution to follow instructions on the label and never put the entire bear in the microwave, don’t be that person.

Use the Comfort Warm Bear overnight to encourage your dog to comfortably sleep in their own bed. Many new pet owners will benefit from using the toy during their new furry friend’s first few weeks at their new home.

What’s so good about it

These toys are unique and functional. Gone are the days when you’d have to warm up a hot water bottle or leave the radio on for your pets to give them the sense of safety and security. This toy is unassuming and makes your dog feel content in their own home.

Mixed soft and plush fabrics, made from non-toxic materials.

38cm x 20cm x 18cm. Ideal for all dogs.

Please note:
Toy is intended for comforting and not for rigorous play. Using this toy for playtime may result in unwanted damage.


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