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Api Freshwater Master Test Kit 5 In 1


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As time goes by and your fish live through their daily routine of swimming from here to there and there and here, the aquarium they live in becomes increasing harmful for their health. With a build up organic matter such as urine, faeces, uneaten food as well as dead and decaying plant materials, the water becomes more toxic and will eventually cause your fish to suffocate. As a result, its extremely important to do weekly checks on the toxicity of the water your fish call home sweet home.

With the API Master Test Kit 5 in 1, test for the 5 biggest influencers of water toxicity; pH, High Range pH, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ammonia all in a convenient holding tray. Be complete prepared and protected in the event of an emergency by taking just a few minutes every week to make sure your fish arent living in an environment that could harm them.

Kit contains:
-7 Bottles of solutions
– 4 Glass test tubes with snap-tight cap
– Holding tray
– Step-by-step instructions
– Information on correcting an unsafe environment
– Laminated computer calibrated colour chart


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