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Api Tropical Mini Pellet Food 48gm


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API Tropical Mini Pellet Food is the ideal food for your tropical fish.

Studies have shown the Tropical Mini Pellet Food by API contains30% less ammoniathan other foods on the market. It won’t cloud up your water, nor will it provide your fish with excess nutrition – so it meansless wastefrom your fishy friend!?

API Mini Pellets for Tropical Fish is made with highly palatable ingredients like vanilla, garlic and banana. It’s easy for your fish to eat, and they’ll want to keep eating it!?

Suitable for species includingAngelfish, Tetras and Barbs. This mix of food providesessential amino acidsto ensure they are reaching their optimal size.

The pellet shaped food locks in the protein so your fish can absorb all of the nutrients they need.

Feeding Guide:
Feed twice a day, sprinkle a few pellets per each fish. Do not overfeed and remove excess food from the tank.

For the best results try API tropical mini pellet food.


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