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Barastoc Golden Yolk Pellets 20kg~


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For a complete feed solution for your hens, try Barastoc Golden Yolk. Formulated to provide chooks with the right amount of protein, energy, this mix is tasty and beneficial for your chickens’ wellbeing.

Completely balanced, Barastoc ensures that the mix has plenty of vitamins and minerals that chickens need. They’ll also be getting their dose of calcium. Barastoc Golden Yolk is suited to most layer-type breeds.

Feeding Guide:
Recommended feeding will vary seasonally, generally 1 hen will consume 130g daily. Check the label for more information. It is important to always have fresh, clean water available for your chickens. Compliment feeding Barastoc Golden Yolk Pellets with other feeds and scraps, hay or pasture.

The feed is packaged in the form of pellets which are relatively small, so the mix is easy to eat.

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