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Blackdog Chicken Meat Balls 1kg


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Black Dog Beef Chicken Meatball Treats, 1kg

The name of these treats explains it all: Chicken balls are chicken that has been pressed into small balls and oven baked.

The irresistible crunch comes from the baking process of these round treats. It also helps to lock in the flavour and freshness.

Chicken is a great source of lean protein and it is lower in fat than other meats such as beef and pork. This makes it an appropriate treat for elderly and overweight dogs.

These chicken dog treats are great for dog training and because of their size they can easily be put inside of a treat dispensing toy.

Black Dog chicken ball treats are:

  • Appealing to your dog’s sense of smell and taste.
  • A suitable treat for all dog breeds.
  • Crunchy, which encourages your dog to chew.
  • Bursting with flavour from real chicken.
  • Appropriate for fussy dogs due to their mild flavour.

These chicken meatballs for dogs are packaged in a 1kg bag. This is a suitable size if you have multiple dogs or like to treat your single dog on a regular basis.


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