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Blackdog Duck Jerky 1kg


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Black Dog Duck Jerky, 1kg

It’s good to give your dog a variety of food. It will provide him with varied nutrition and it will keep him from becoming bored with what he eats.

Duck has a unique taste and your dog will find this duck jerky incredibly appetising.
Dogs love jerky because it tastes great and is unbelievably chewy. This will keep your dog entertained and distracted, allowing you to get on with important things.

It can be tempting to feed your dog duck jerky that is designed for human consumption but this is not always a good idea.Jerky made for human consumption contains spices like onion and garlic powder, which are toxic to dogs.

It’s best to feed your dog a quality duck jerky made specifically for dogs.

Black Dog duck jerky is:

  • Prepared with your dog’s sense of smell and taste in mind.
  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • Chewy in texture meaning it will withstand heavy chewing.
  • Made from real duck, which is full of flavour.

These duck jerky dog treats come in a 1kg sealed bag.


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