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Blackdog Kangaroo Clods


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Black Dog Jumbo Kangaroo Clod Bone

Kangaroo bones are full of flavour and are a natural treat for your pooch. They also contains less saturated fats than other meats. This is great for dogs whose stomachs don’t cope well with fatty bones.

A kangaroo bone will keep your dog entertained for a while as it is fairly large. The size of this bone makes it more appropriate for medium to large dogs.

The smell of a delicious kangaroo bone will have your dog salivating. It has a rich flavour that your dog will love.
Roo bones are a fantastic source of lean protein and vitamin rich bone marrow.

A Black Dog Kangaroo Clod Bone is:

  • An all-natural dog treat.
  • A great way to keep your dog busy.
  • Full of mouth-watering flavour.
  • A good way to maintain dental hygiene.

Give your dog a tasty roo bone for his next treat.


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