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Booda Hooded Clean Step Tray Large Metallic Pearl White


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Petmate Booda Cleanstep Litter Tray, Hooded Design, Metallic Pearl White

Size:57cm D x 48cm H

The Petmate Booda Cleanstep litter box has a stylish yet functional design that will fit into any house or apartment. Steps that are located in the entrance to litter tray help to trap litter as your cat exits. The hooded design gives your cat privacy and prevents litter from being scuffed outside the box.

With a unique pearlescent finish it will blend in with your stylish home decor. A filter located in the top of the cat litter tray helps to control odours.

  • Offers your cat privacy when using their cat litter tray.
  • Top and bottom separates for easy scooping and cleaning.
  • Steps add a design flair but also help to prevent litter from getting on your floor.


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