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Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets With Mint 2kg


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Naturally high in fibre, this mix of delicious nuggets is a great addition to your Guinea Pig’s diet. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Burgess Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint is an all rounded complimentary food for your little one.

The nuggets prevent selective feeding, so it means that your Guinea Pig won’t be able to pick and choose the parts of their meal that they eat which often leads to them missing out on the nutrients they need. Their texture also improves dental health.
Suitable for all Guinea Pigs, this mix is important for maintaining good digestive health and promoting healthy eyes, skin and coat. Additionally, it’s also abundant with antioxidants that help upkeep and boost the immune system.

High in Beneficial Fibre, the nuggets also contain a natural prebiotic for digestive health.

It would be a great idea to accompany Bugess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint with a side of fresh greens in order for more nutrients to be taken up.

Please remember to always have a fresh and plentiful supply of clean water easily available for your pet.

Made in the UK.

Grass, Wheat, Soya Bean Hulls, Oat Feed, Hi Pro Soya, Lucerne, Yeast, Mint, Soya Oil, Limestone, Salt and Minerals. List of contents is not exhaustive, if you have concerns about allergies contact the manufacturer.

Weight: 2kg

Feeding Guide:
For Guinea Pigs between 700-1200g, feed 30-50g daily. Check label to ensure you are giving your little one the right amount.

This mix is a complementary food and shouldn’t substitute fresh vegetables. Always have good quality hay and grass available for your Guinea Pig as well as clean water. Allow a gradual transition period of about 10 days when starting your Guinea Pig on Burgess. This is particularly important if they are currently on a muesli style food.


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