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Chuckit Sport 25 Ball Launcher 63.5cm Long


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Chuckit Sport 25 Ball Launcher, 63.5cm

Size:63.5cm long
Compatible with:MediumChuckit balls 6.4cm

This Chuckit ball launcher is designed to chuck medium sized balls for medium/large dogs. The super long handle allows you to launch balls across the park way further than you could throw with your arm.

You’ll be able to tire out your dog quickly without wearing yourself out and the best part is you can use the launcher to pick up the ball. No more bending over and no more slobber on the hands.

  • Sport 25 ball launcher has an ergonomic grip and full zise handle for lauching balls long range.
  • Hands-free pick-up means you never have to touch a slobbery ball again.
  • Assorted fun colours.


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