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Dine Desire 85g Multipack Flake Tuna And Crab Meat (6)


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The Dine Desire range is made for fussy felines. Dine knows that some cats have an acquired taste and will only settle for the finest flavours. Desire Flake, Tuna and Crab Meat is a seafood meddley that even the pickiest of cats will want more of.

One of the first things you will notice when you open the can is the texture. The fish meat is wonderfully textured and the fishy aroma will entice your cat immediately. Lovely and soft, your cat will love the taste of Dine Desire Flake, Tuna and Crab Meat.

Tuna, Crab and Gelling Agents. List of contents may not be exhaustive if you have concerns about allergies, contact the manufacturer. Always provide your cat with fresh, clean water.

Feeding Guide:
Made for supplemental feeding only, balance your cat’s diet with fresh meat and kibble. Do not overfeed your cat.

Bulk buy and save time with our convenient 6 pack of 85g tins. Now you can always have delicious food on hand for your cat.

This product is also available in other flavours and can be bought separately. See below for more in the Dine range.


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