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Ezydog Command Clicker Red


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Clickers are a great training tool to use for dogs. When used correctly, clicker training can facilitate effective and enjoyable training sessions between you and your dog. The sound of the clicker lets your dog know the exact moment they’ve done the right thing, it makes training and rewarding them easy. EZYDOG’s command clicker has been designed to fit on your finger so that you only need one hand to operate it, leaving your other hand free to dispense treats or pats as a positive reward.


  • Universal fit with flexible silicone clasp
  • One-handed ergonomic design
  • Fast reward for dogs achievement
  • Adjustable wrist lanyard

Clicker training:

  • Clickers provide an ‘event marker’ connecting positive behaviour with a reward.
  • Clickers provided your dog with a clear form of communication, combined with positive reinforcement
  • During training sessions, give your dog the command you are wanting them to perform.
  • ‘Click’ the clicker as soon as your dog performs the correct command, its important to click while your dog is performing the good behaviour and not after it is over. Follow the click with positive reinforcement, this can be verbal, a treat or a pat.


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