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Fresh Kitty Jumbo Elastic Liners 10 Pack


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Litter box liners are great for making clean up a breeze. Now with elastic plus, the bag stays on when you need it and ties up when you’re ready to dispose of kitty’s waste.


  • Grips the pan
  • Elastic draw top
  • Lavender and Vanilla scented
  • Odor Zorb technology ensures less smell

How to use:
Simple and easy to use, unfold one liner and place it into the bottom of the litter pan. Pull the edges of the liner down over the sides of the pan and pull the handles tight to grip the pan. Now you can fill with litter. When you’re ready to dispose of the waste, lift the edges and tighten together. Secure at the top by pulling the elastic handles.

Jumbo size – 91.4cm x 45.7cm
Pack of 10.


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