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Furminator Large Long Haired Cat Deshedding Tool Metallic Purple


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Owning and taking care of dogs and cats can be quite the hairy affair. With the house and car covered in your little buddys loose and shed hair, cleaning up all that hair is way too time consuming to have enough quality time playing with them. Sometimes even grooming them to pick up that shed hair right at the source doesnt do the job and isnt easy nor fun to use.
Here comes the FURminator deShedding tool, a uniquely designed metallic deshedding gadget that guarantees a significant reduction in shedding and hairballsby your pet. Made and used by professional groomers, the results are certified to make the whole process of shedding and cleaning easier whilst being a whole lot faster.

Featuring a comfortable ergonomic grip that makes the tool easy to control, the deShedding edge is made with stainless steel and gets in deep within the undercoat to maximise its uptake in one single gentle stroke. Closing it off is the maintenance of the actual tool, which is easy to carry out thanks to the FURjector button that needs only one push to seamlessly remove any hair on the FURminator deShedding tool.

– Reduces shedding and hairballs
– Easy to control
– Made with stainless steel and easy to grip rubber
– FURjector button makes it easy to clean the FURminator deShedding Tool

Be sure to choose the perfect FURminator deShedding Tool that matches your pets size and length of hair.

This particular FURminator Large Long Haired Cats deShedding Tool is for cats with hair longer than 2 inches and who weigh more than 10lbs in bodyweight.

Choosing the right one:
– Long Hair is for cats with hair longer then 2 inches
– Short Hair is for cats with hair shorter than 2 inches
– Small is for cats up to 10lbs in bodyweight
– Large is for cats more than 10lbs in bodyweight

Colour: Purple

Hair length: Long

Size: Large

Dimensions: 6.73cm (edge length)


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