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Furminator Small Animal Deshedding Tool


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The Furminator Small Animal DeShedding Tool is a highly effective grooming tool that will make brushing and combing a breeze with your small animal. Suitable for ferrets, rabbits and other small animals, the brush will assist in reducing hairballs and keeping their fur clean and neat.

The DeShedding Tool has bobbies on the tip of each wire pin for extra safe grooming, which is important with smaller animals. It works to effectively remove excess shedding without damaging skin.

Very easy to clean, the brush has a ‘FURejector’ button that removes loose hair with ease.

Designed by groomers, recommended by veterinarians. This brush will give you the most professional results.

The brush has a 1.25″ deshedding edge and has a lightweight handle which means grooming time will become a breeze.


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