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Gentle Leader Easy Walking Harness Petite Red


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The Gentle Leader Easy Walking Harness is a great way to take back control of walks with your dog.

The harness discourages pulling without gagging or choking your dog. What sets this harness apart is the way the straps sit on your dog. Instead of sitting on their throat, it rests low across the breastbone instead. It has a unique chest-lead attachment which steers your dog instead of harmfully correcting them.

Equipped with quick snap buckles, the harness is very easy to put on and remove. It hasfour major adjustment pointsso the harness can be fitted comfortably on your dog.

Looking ravishing in red, this lead is a great addition to your dog’s collection.

ThisPetiteharness will fitextra smalldogs with30-40 cm girth size.

Look no further for a sturdy and durable harness. The Gentle Leader is available in other colours and sizes. There’s one for every dog!?


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