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Greenies Freshmint Dog Dental Chews Petite 340g


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You know them, you love them – and now Greenies are back with a new flavour that your dog can really sink their teeth into. Greenies Freshmint Dog Dental Chews are a brilliant way to keep plaque and tartar at bay, while still rewarding your dog with a great tasting treat.

Greenies Freshmint contains dried spearmint which gives a natural flavour and supports your dog with surprisingly minty breath. If you haven’t given your dog Greenies before, try replacing your rawhide treats and hard biscuits with them – many satisfied customers of Greenies’ products say that it was a change for the better. Plus, if you’re on the receiving end of some bad doggy breath then you definitely ought to give Greenies a go.

While Greenies are predominantly made to support the dental health of your dog, each treat also contains vitamins A, B1, D3 and E to help them along with their daily intake.

So make Greenies part of your daily treat scheme and reward them after a walk, after training or after a B-A-T-H (shhh).

Wheat flour, gelatin, oat fiber, water, natural flavours, dried spearmint and dried apple pomace. List of ingredients is in no way exhaustive, if you want a full list or should you have concerns over allergies, please contact the manufacturer.

Feeding Guidelines:
One dental chew per day is recommended. As with most treats, supervise your dog to ensure that they are chewing and not gulping the stick whole (It is called chew for a reason!?) Greenies are not suitable for dogs under 6 months. This particular product in PETITE is made for dogs between 7-11kg.

This product does come in other treat sizes to suit your breed. See below for Teenie, Regular and Large.

If you have any questions about this product, please post them here or come in store to ask one of our friendly staff.


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