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Hartz Dentist’s Best Dental Spray For Dogs & Cats


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Hartz Dentists Best Dental Spray for Cats and Dogs

A quicker and easier solution than brushing their teeth to freshen your cats or dogs bad breath, Hartz Dentists Best Dental Spray works with DentaShield technology that masks that horrible stench coming out of their mouth.

A simple spray right into their mouths provides an instant effect, with a noticeable difference right from the get go.

Instant results for instant freshness without the hassle of brushing their teeth!?

Volume: 59ml

Ingredients*: Water, Ethanol, Peppermint Oil, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Rosemary Oil, Thyme Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Neem Oil, Grape Seed Extract, Alfalfa Extract.

*Should you have any queries or concerns regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.


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