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Hikari Crab Cuisine 50g


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Hikari Crab Cuisine is a supreme, specifically formulated food mix for crabs.

The Hikari Crab Cuisine mix will work to enhance their colour and contribute to their complete shell development. Packed with calcium and enriched with protein, this mix is nourishing and tasty so your crab will be getting the right nutrition.

Each little food pellet is the size of a mini stick. Sinking pellets, this food mix is ideal for bottom feeders.

Feeding Guide:

Daily feeding will vary depending on the type of crustacean you have. Lobsters, shrimp, underwater crawfish and other scavengers will need about 1-4 mini sticks twice daily depending on their size. For hermit crabs, feed about 2g of mini sticks daily in a bowl. Remove any leftover and uneaten food after meal time to avoid overfeeding.

Your crab deserves a specialized mix of food that is tailor made to their unique needs. Hikari Crab Cuisine is an ideal feed for your crab so snap some up today!?


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