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Hikari First Bites Fry Food 10g


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Specifically formulated to provide newborn fish with the exacting nutritional balance they require when they need it the most.

High in protein, including premium-select fish meal, First Bites will help your newborns develop excellent body form as they grow. First Bites also help buildresistance and promote proper organ development. Nutritious and specifically formulated for small fry, the mix strengthens their immune system to ward of diseases from an early age.

The size of the bites are very small and grain like and do not need to be halved before feeding.

Feeding Guide:
Check the label to ensure you are feeding your fish the right amount. Do not overfeed.

> Rich in freshly harvested ingredients
> Expect Rapid Growth Free Of Dietary Deformites Or Deficiencies
> Great For Livebearers And Egglayers
> Semi-Floating Food
> Promotes proper feeding habits


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