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Hikari Shrimp Cuisine 10g


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Delicious and rich in vegetable matter, this mix is ideal for your shrimp.

Made from natural ingredients and minerals, Hikari Shrimp will equip your shrimp with the nutrition that they need. It promotes faster growth and boosts their immune system while still being flavoursome and generally palatable for even the pickiest of shrimps.

Pellet size is small and in most cases, do not need to be halved before feeding to your beady-eyed friend. Suitable for all types of freshwater shrimps, caridina and neocardinia species.

Feeding Guide:

Feed multiple times daily. To avoid overfeeding, remove any excess food from the tank after feeding.


  • Contains copper for blood regeneration.
  • Promotes rapid assimilation and accelerated growth
  • Does not dissolve in water or leave any murky residue behind.


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