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Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food Tender Dinner Chicken Adult Cans 24x156g


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* A perfect balance of the delicious taste of tender roasted chicken chunks in gravy your cat will love, with the precise nutrition she needs. Try all three flavors for the variety your cat craves.

* Recommended for – Adult cats 1-6yrs of age

* Not Recommended for – Kittens and Pregnant or nursing cats

* Benefit = Nutrient = How it Works
> Promotes healthy digestion = High quality ingredients = Ensures proper nutrient absorption to keep your cat fit and healthy
> Promotes ideal body weight = Precise balance of key nutrients = Delivers the appropriate amount of energy to support ideal body weight.
> Maintain vision and heart function = Enriched with Taurine = Enriched with Taurine to help maintain good vision and a healthy heart
> Healthy organs = Magnesium = Low magnesium for organ health


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