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Masterpet Garden Exercise Stake


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Masterpet Dog Tie Out Stake, For All Dogs, 46cm

Size: 46cm L x 8.5cm W x 4cm H

Masterpet have developed this dog tie out stake so that you can safely tether your dog when needed. It can be useful in situations where your dog has to be confined for a short amount of time outdoors.

For example, at a picnic where you want to enjoy your food but don’t want to hold your dog’s leash or whilst camping. It can also be practical to use in your own garden whilst you are potting plants or replacing a fence. It has a heavy duty construction and is suitable to use with Masterpet exercise cables and garden chains.

  • Suitable for all dogs but more appropriate for those who won’t tug on the stake.
  • Includes a swivelling metal ring for attaching the cable.
  • Simply screw stake low into the ground until only the handle is showing (avoid loose/sandy soil).


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