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Pisces Rats Adult X Large 1 Pack~


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Please note: Frozen reptile foods are only available for store collection, or for click & collect orders. *Not available in South Melbourne, Northcote, Toorak or Yarraville stores. PISCES RATS ADULT X LARGE 1 PACK~

Feeding your reptile, bird of prey or lizard doesn’t need to be a hard task. Pisces makes it easy to feed yourpet without fear of contamination or disease.

  • Free of any added hormones or antibiotics
  • Humanely prepared
  • Prepared in state of the art quarantine labs

Why should I feed my pet this
Rats are part of a Snake’s natural diet. In the wild they’ll prey upon small rodents. Buying frozen rats is a humane way to keep your pet happy as all rodents are culled humanely and kept free of Salmonella and internal parasites.

How to prepare:
Defrost the rat to body temperature prior to feeding. You may choose to defrost in the microwave, however take care to avoid hotspots and frozen spots which can lead to burned food for your pet.

Frozen food like this can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Pack of 1 extra large rat.

All Pisces feeders are bred from disease and pathogen-free laboratory stud stock, meaning there’s peace of mind when you feed your pet.
Please ensure that the size of the food is suitable for the size of your pet.


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