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Rogz Fanbelt Collar Blue Reflective Large


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Rogz Dog Collar, Reflective Blue, Fanbelt / Large

Reflective dog collars are one of the simplest methods of keeping your dog safe in low visibility conditions. Going for walks in the rain or at dusk can mean that pedestrians, cyclicist and drivers can’t see your dog.

This collar is blue but it has reflective yarn sewn into the webbing. This yarn then glistens when it is exposed to a little bit of light like a torch, headlight or streetlamp. The flexible nylon webbing and contoured plastic components also make this collar comfortable for your dog to wear.

  • Collar can be adjusted for the best fit.
  • Die-cast electroplated chrome leash ring is strong and resists tarnishing.
  • Slide across locking safety buckle.

Size: 34cm – 56cm


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