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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Hypoallergenic 7kg


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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food, Hypoallergenic, 7kg

Hypoallergenic dog food from Royal Canin is a low allergen dog food that aims to minimise nutrition based reactions. Your vet may recommend you to feed this if your dog suffers with a food allergy/intolerance, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diarrhoea or other common skin or digestive issues caused by diet.

This food can also be used if you are conducting an elimination trial with your dog, whereby you slowly introduce foods to identify the problem. The following are benefits from the hypoallergenic food:

  • Contains hydrolysed proteins – these are proteins that have already been broken down into smaller components. This makes themhighly digestible and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • A patented complex of five different nutrients work to create aprotective skin barrier.
  • EPA/DHA are essential fatty acids help keep your dog’sdigestive system and skin in good condition.
  • A combination of beet pulp and FOS fermentable fibreskeep the digestive tract healthy.

This range of dog food is designed to help nutritionally manage select canine health issues. Purchasing Royal Canin Vet diet online couldn’t be easier, just select your product and have it conveniently delivered to your door. You can also choose to collect from your local store.


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