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Rufus And Coco Breath Buddy 150ml


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Rufus and Coco Breath Buddy, Breath Freshening Water Additive, 150 ml

Bad breath can mean that you might just turn your pet away when it comes to snuggling time. That’s not what either of you want so use Rufus and Coco’s Breath Buddy to neutralise bad breath.

The professionally formulated water additive goes into your pet’s drinking water to naturally promote fresh, pleasant breath. It uses plant-based ingredients with odour neutralising properties. Just as a tip – your pet may initially be cautious about the water as the natural ingredients give it a green tinge. Once they’re used to it, they’ll be fine!?

  • Works in the mouth and in the stomach to reduce odour.
  • Gentle and pleasant tasting.
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums.


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