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Rufus And Coco Bug-flea-lice-fly Repellant Spray 150ml


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Rufus and Coco Bug Off, Insect Repellant for Pets, 150 ml

It’s not just people that get annoyed with bugs buzzing around them – pets do too!? This insect repellent contains natural Pyrethrins to repel flies, mosquitos, fleas and lice. Pyrethrins are natural extracts obtained from the Chrysthemum plant.

Safe for use on dogs, cats, horses, cattle and pigs, it is an oil based solution. This means it doesn’t sting, like alcohol based repellents and oil doesn’t evaporate. The oil base also means that a lower concentration of Pyrethrins is needed to be as effective.

  • 150ml bottle is convenient as it can be put in the car for journeys.
  • Can also be sprayed on pet’s bedding and living areas.
  • Easy to use spray bottle allows you to apply a fine mist.


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