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Rufus And Coco Itch Relief 200ml


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Rufus and Coco Itch Relief, Anti-Itch Shampoo for Dogs and Cats, 200ml

This Rufus and Coco anti-itch shampoo is suitable for use on dogs and cats and will have them soothed and smelling fresh in no time.It is a specially formulated shampoo that contains selenium sulfide, which relives itching, flaking and removes dandruff. It’s also used to treat Tinia Versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin.

Skin irritation can drive your pet mad, which in turn annoys you!? This shampoo helps to nourish skin and treat non-specific dermatoses.

  • PH balanced in accordance with your pets skin levels.
  • Soap free – doesn’t dry out skin/fur.
  • Simple wet your pet, lather it up, leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse.


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