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Rufus And Coco Tear Stain Away 100ml


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Rufus and Coco Tear Stain Away, Eye Tear Stain Remover, 100ml

Tear stains are a cosmetic issue that cause unsightly stains to form under and around a dogs eyes. Those with white dogs are probably already aware how annoying this is!?

Rufus and Coco have formulated this professional tear stain remover to help with this very issue. This product is completely safe to use around eyes and also helps with stains around the mouth and other parts of a dogs coat.

  • A mild antiseptic, which helps to manage the fungus and bacteria, which contribute to tear staining.
  • Formula gently removes existing stains.
  • No tears formula contains a PH buffer to soothe the eye incase of accidental contact.


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