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Salpet Salmon Oil 500ml


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Salpet Salmon Oil for Cats and Dogs | 500ml

Salmon is an extremely rich source of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids in addition to being an absolutely delicious treat. These omega fatty acids help with the health of joints and coats in cats and dogs. Embracing their health and wellness capabilities, Salpet Salmon Oil is a concentrated source of premium omega oils and protein fresh from the clearest waters of Tasmania and has an additional hint of Naturox Antioxidant.

By adding just a little bit to their meal, Salpet will be giving your pet their immunity a thorough boost in addition to improving the health of their heart and develop the function of their brain. Tasting just like the real deal, because it is all natural, the deliciousness of any meal is taken to a Michelin level while being all healthy and low costly.

When first putting it to use, use only 1/3 of the recommended daily amount in order to get your pet used to the added palatability of their meal.

Australia Made.

Ingredients*: 99.95% Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon, 0.05% Naturox Antioxidant

*Should you have any queries regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.

Recommended daily amount (same for both cats and dogs):
Pet weight Daily recommended amount
<5kg 2.5ml / 0.5 tsp
5 15kg 5ml / 1 tsp
15 30kg 10ml / 2 tsp
>30kg 15ml / 3 tsp

Net volume: 500ml


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