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Savic Doggli Hygienic Dog Panty Black Size 5 58-70cm


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For a snug fit dog slip, the Doggli Hygienic Panty inBlackis comfortable and keeps your house clean.

Ideal for female dogs in season or dogs with weak bladders, now you don’t need to spend time chasing after your dog to clean up their mess. The Doggli has a liner which catches all fluids and captures them in the nappy. The Panty is washable and liners can be bought separately.

The Doggli has a tail hole which comfortably fits tails of all shapes and sizes. It is non-restrictive and allows your dog to continue on with their life, unrestricted.

Made from 95% cotton, the Doggli is all natural and isn’t irritating or uncomfortable for your dog to wear. It has an elastic base so it widens and regulates length to fit properly. With a unique fastening system, the Doggli is discreet and doesn’t change colour or become slack.

Size 5covers dogsbetween 40 KG>/strong>and has a medium liner. It has a circumference of58cm which expands to 70cmwith the elasticity.

Save yourself time cleaning up after your dog and encourage them to be confident again with Doggli.


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