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Savic Primo 60 Kd Empire Open


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SAVIC PRIMO 60 OPEN EMPIRE BIRD CAGEYour birds deserve more than just a cage, they deserve an empire. And here it is.
This collapsible bird cage is extra high to give your birds more space to stretch their wings. Complete with feeding bowls, a drinking fountain, a bird bath and wooden perches, this cage has everything a bird could ever dream of.
Give your birds the choice to come and go as they please with a roof that can be left open during the day, and closed while they’re sleeping safely inside at night.
The cage can be easily assembled without tools, and can be just as easily dismantled to save space when not in use.
The Primo Empire will see your birds living the high life in this extra tall bird cage.
Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 95cm (L x W x H)
Wire distance: 9.5mm


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