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Tasty Bone Nylon Lamb Toy


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Why settle for a regular bone when you could be munching on a Tasty Bone

Tasty Bones are the most delicious treat bones on the market.

This particular Tasty Bone is a toy bone and not an edible bone. They’re ideal boredom busters because they’re super durable and flavoured. Infused with Lamb flavour, this toy will keep your little buddy occupied for hours. Made from sturdy nylon, once the toy has lost it’s flavour it can be rinsed and washed with water for cleaning.

Small in size, the bone issuitable for toy and small breed doggies.

Nylabone treats are not all edible – this one is just a toy, but if you’re looking for a treat instead of a toy, there are identical toys for your dog to gnaw on. After all, didn’t your mum ever tell you not to play with your food

Treat your dog to a Tasty Bone today!?


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