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Tropiclean Fresh Breeze Hard Floors 946ml


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Here we go again, another stain. More dirt, vomit, feces , urine,cake Why is that smeared all over

Loving and looking after a pet is hard work, especially when they frequently cause a mess. No matter how much we try to train them, sometimes they soil themselves where they shouldnt and trample on cake when they shouldnt because that is just a waste of a cake. Fresh Breeze uses HabitBreaker technology containing tons of enzymes to break down all organic stains to their deepest core and also blasts the area with a fresh (and breezy) fragrance to eliminate any trace of anything so that even a dogs nose cant sniff it out. It even kicks those old stains out of their unwelcome resting place!?

Help your pet break the habit of making a mess in the house. No one is going to be marking any territory when Tropiclean has already marked it.

Stain What stai- what are you on about

Fresh Breeze Extreme Hard Floor is great to use on Hard Wood, Vinyl, Laminate, Ceramic Tile, Concrete.

Ingredients*:Purified Water, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Plant-Based Cleaning Agent (Non-Ionic Surfactant), Plant-based Ethanol, Proprietary HabitBreaker Odor Neutralizer. Contains No Phosphorus, Contains No Bleach.

*List of ingredients is not exhaustive. Should you have any concerns relating to allergies, please contact the manufacturer.


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