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Vetafarm Herpacare Disinfectant 100ml


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Vetafarm HerpaCare, Reptile Disinfectant for Enclosure, 100ml

Recommended for: Keeping terrariums, vivariums, equipment and incubators clean for reptiles

Herpacare is a reptile disinfectant and cleaner that effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. It gives a Hospital B grade standard of disinfection making it safe and effective in dirty situations.

It’s very important to keep terrariums and vivariums clean for the health of your pet. Herpacare will enable you to keep their environment clean and smelling fresh.

  • Remove soiled materials, spray with product, allow five minutes for disinfection then use as normal.
  • Can be used on food/water bowls, enclosures, rocks and logs.
  • Easy to spray bottle.


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