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Vetafarm Probotic 90g


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Vetafarm Probiotic for Chickens, Birds, Dogs and Cats 90g

Recommended for: Chickens, Baby birds, small animals, cats and dogs.

This probiotic supplements the diet by helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. Everyday use optimises digestion and enhances the animal’s health.

It is suitable for use everyday but may help especially during these circumstances:

  • Intestinal dysfunction – treatment/control of diarrhoea.
  • Re-establishing gut flora after antibiotics.
  • Productivity and reduced mortality in poultry and caged birds.
  • Young animals (puppies, kittens, chicks) to help establish their digestive system.
  • During periods of extreme stress.

Simply mix with water or food and it will increase your pet’s resistance to infectious organisms and improve their ability to digest food.


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