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Vetafarm Synbiotic Avian 100g


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Made uniquely for birds, Vetafarm Synbiotic is an excellentmeal topperto get the best results out of your birds.

Ideal for recovery after periods of severe diarrhoea or malabsorbtion.

Why not give them the nutritional bonus to help them perform Vetafarm can improve their vitality and overall enriches their wellbeing.

Vetafarm Synbiotic can assist your chickens in the following ways:

  • Boostsgood bacteriawith over 550 million good bacteria in every scoop
  • Features a 9 strain probiotic to ensure diversity of function and benefit your birds
  • Contains 7 digestive enzymes toimprove digestion – ideal for pets recovering from stress or injury
  • Natural Prebioticincluding chicory root extract to boostimmune strength.

Easy to use, simply add as directed on the label to your pet’s food.


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