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Vetafarm Wormout Gel 100ml


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Vetafarm Worm Out Gel 100ml
Thread worm, tape worm, round worm, caecal worm, hook warm you name it and it’s gone. Vetafarm’s Worm Out Gel is a water soluble solution to get rid of lingering and harmful worms in your bird’s intestines. A simple treatment and in a matter of no time will you be waving them goodbye.

Direction of use*:

Dillute 1ml of Vetafarm Worm Out Get in 80ml water. Remove any sources of water from their aviary and let this mixture be their only water source for the next two days. Check product for detailed directions of use.

Crop Needle Administration*:

Use a small syringe. Mix 1ml of Vetafarm Worm Out Gel in 9ml water. Only give 0.5ml of this solution per 100g of your bird’s body weight.

*Provide the treatment just once and repeat every 3 months.


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