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Vetalogica Feline Joint Support Formula 18g


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Vetalogica Daily Feline Joint Supplement, 18g

Many cats over the age of 11 suffer with arthritis. This condition is painful and can cause more serious issues down the track.

An unbalanced diet can be a contributing factor to arthritis and other joint related health issues. These tablets contain essential vitamins and minerals that reduce the risk of bone disorders developing in susceptible breeds.

VetalogicaGlucosamendjoint care/arthritis technology is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients and a blend of omega oils and antioxidants. These are provided in precise ratios that are beneficial to your cat. It comes in a convenient chewable tablet form with a chicken flavoured taste to encourage your cat to eat it.

  • Suitable for kittens and cats.
  • Natural ingredients with MSM and omega fatty acids.
  • Promotes optimum growth of the musculo-skeletal system.


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