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Wag Goat Horn Small


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WAG’s Goat horns are ideal for chewing on because they’re100% naturalandlong lasting.

Sourced from Australian goats, these treats encourage your dog to get chewing. They’re perfect for doggy dental hygiene and because it’s totally natural, there are no added nasties.

The horns areodourlessand full ofvitamins and mineralsto keep your pet’s diet totally balanced.

Although the horns don’t make any mess, they are a little weighty, so they’re best fed outdoors.
Please note that WAG horns are packaged and sold based upon weight, meaning that you may recieve a segmented horn. All horns contain the same nutritional value and are grain free.



100% Goat Horn

Feeding guide:
Intended for occasional feeding only.

Get your dog some WAG treats and let them chew the day away!?


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