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Wag Kangaroo Liver 750g


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100% natural with no additives or preservatives, Watch and Grow Kangaroo Liver is a fantastic wholesome alternative to regular highly processed treats. Full of nutrients and low in fat, these treats are ideal for rewarding your dog.

Crunchy and meaty, not only do these treats taste great, they work to maintain oral and dental health so with every chew, they are removing built-up plaque and freshening smelly doggy breath. Ideal for dogs of all sizes and breeds, this treat is gluten-free and grain-free. Each stick varies in size from 8-15cm each and they can be broken into smaller pieces for tiny breeds.

Consider WAG Kangaroo Liver if your little mate suffers from food allergies – these treats contain hypoallergenic properties. Waggy tails all around!?

100% Free Range Kangaroo Liver.


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