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Ware Chewproof Water Bottle Large


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Critter Ware Critter Carafe, Chew Proof Water Bottle, Large

Size:32cm L x 8cm W (ideally suited to rabbits and 2+ guinea pigs.)

Guinea pigs and rabbits love to gnaw on things so a chew proof water bottle is an essential addition to their cage. The Critter Carafe features a premium design that provides easy access to water.

The bottle is made of glass, with a stainless steel metal spout. This enables it to be chew-proof unlike other plastic rabbit water bottles.

  • Drip resistant design prevents water leaking in your pet’s home.
  • Simple, secure tension spring and steel support holds the bottle securely against the cage bars.
  • Floating water level indicator allows you to quickly see how much water is left.
  • Dishwasher safe allowing you to keep it clean and hygienic.


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