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Whistler Avian Science Canary & Finch Seed 2kg


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Formulated specifically for Canaries and Finches, Whistler Avian Science mix contains all the right nutrients that they need to get through the day.

Whistler understands that smaller birds are different. Canaries and Finches need different nutritional elements to help them be the best they can be. This mix contains added Omega 3 & 6 and is enriched with Vitamins A, B1 and C – just for them.

High in natural fibre and protein, this mix will keep your feathered friend strong and healthy. It comes with the benefits of fruit and seed and because it is tailor made for your bird, they won’t leave any traces behind in their feeder or on the cage floor.

White Millet, Panicum Millet, Canola, Cracked Wheat, Hulled Oats, Japanese Millet, Red Millet and Fine Aviary Grit. Contents may vary on a seasonal basis due to availability. List of contents is not exhaustive, contact the manufacturer if you have concerns about allergies.

Always have fresh water available for your bird. Do not substitute this mix for fresh cut vegetables and fruit.


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