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Ziwipeak Cat Can Daily 85g Lamb


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ZiwiPeak Cat Food, ‘Daily Cat’ Moist Cuisine, Lamb, 85g

This premium ZiwiPeak cat food contains 100% natural, fresh raw meat and is canned to retain natural moisture. As a raw-equivalent wet diet it contains real meat along with a few other key ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Quality New Zealand lamb is the meat of choice. NZ is known to produce some of the highest quality lamb in the world and this is what makes this cat food a smart choice. Lamb liver, tripe, heart and kidney provide other essential nutrients.

  • A natural, balanced meat and organ diet providing your cat with everything she needs to be healthy.
  • ZiwiPeak moist lamb cat food is slightly higher in essential fats than other diets. This makes it ideal for cats that need to put on weight, growing kittens, cats recovering from illness/surgery and cats that suffer with allergies, digestive issues and renal issues.
  • Comes in a convenient, easy to feed can.

Good wholesome nutrition, easy to prepare

ZiwiPeak pet food is an ideal alternative to a raw diet or BARF diet for cats. It has the same nutritional benefits however is more convenient to feed. To find out how much to feed your pet use the handy feeding calculator below.


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