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Ziwipeak Cat Can Mackarel 24x85g


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24 Pack

Our Blue Mackerel are found in the remote ocean waters around the North Island of New Zealand. ZiwiPeak whole, wild and sustainably caught Blue Mackerel has a dark oily flesh, packed full of essential omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA), vitamin A, D, and magnesium.

  • 92% Blue Mackerel
  • Wild-caught and sustainable
  • Whole fish and Green Mussels
  • Rich in omega-3 and vitamin A, D, and magnesium
  • No grains, potatoes, tapioca starch
  • No BPA, TSPP, gums, or carrageenan
  • 100% made in New Zealand
  • Low carbohydrate | 2%-2.5%
  • Variety to reflect natures abundance
  • Complete and balanced small batch cat food
  • All cat breeds, all life stages

Feeding Guide:
Always provide fresh, clean water for your pets. Never overfeed, only adhere to the feeding instructions. When changing your cat over to a new food, allow a 7 day transition mixing the current and new food.


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